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List of Beach Resorts in Laiya San Juan Batangas

photo and all rights reserved by thetrueasiatic 
Laiya's beach area is located in San Juan Batangas, the stretch covers three barangays: Hugom, Laiya-Aplaya and Laiya-Ibabao. There are different types of accommodations and most of them require a set meal package. If you are just looking for a day trip package it will likely cost you P650 with a set of buffet lunch, a snack, entrance fee, and the use of the facilities in the area. We arrived after noon, so the day package with meals was no longer a good option for us. Laiya manifests calmness due to natural landscape surrounding it. But in summer and long holiday seasons, many families and groups of people come here making the atmosphere more fun.

Cafeño Coffee: A Taste of Brew in San Juan Batangas

cafeno in San Juan batangas

While we were on our way to Hugom Beach in Laiya Batangas we can't help but notice this quaint coffee shop in Batangas - Cafeño - found in the corner of General Luna and Rizal St. I took photos to prove that its not just another coffee shop you see on the road to work.

Cafeño is open Monday to Sunday: 8:00 am till 9:00 pm.  

How to get here:

Here's an itinerary suggested by Cafeño if your driving a private car: From Manila, take the South Luzon Expressway (SLEX) drive all the way to the end which connects you to the Star Toll Entrance. Drive about 20 kms and take Lipa Exit. Turn right to go to Lipa City proper. Turn right at P. Torres St. ( cor of Mercury Drug) and drive 8.5 kms. towards Padre Garcia town. Turn left at the road sign pointing to Padre Garcia. Turn right after town market. Drive 25 kms. and you will enter San Juan. Slow down when you see Petron Station at your right, Cafeno is just across the road.

I have followed Cafeño's Facebook page and I would also recommend you to Like them so you can follow their updates.