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The Zipline - Coron's Style

Have you tried the Zipline in Coron, Busuanga? This is the newest adventure in Coron which was set operational in June 2012. Cost of Zipline is 500 pesos.

These are photos of Coron's Zipline facility

coron zipline

Accidentally In Love with Coron Palawan - A First Timer's Experience in 2010

Off we went to Coron, watch out for the scenic view when you are about to land on Coron's Airport, the view is more than what the word "beautiful" can describe.

Atwayan Beach in Coron

Imagine this small and unexploited white-sand beach, surrounded with small other islands. Despite its size, Atwayan has picnic huts, a small volleyball net, and still waters for swimmers. It is rather a popular picnic spot to grill your foods and rest for lunch. Facing the beach: to your right are few mangroves that waves you "welcome" when you arrive, and "goodbye" when you leave. On the left side is a spot for your simple beach swimming pleasures. The center have about 4 or 5 cottages where you can eat and exchange collaborative coversations.

There is no water and restroom facility in Atwayan Beach.  

How to get here:
Atwayan Beach can only be reached via boat tours or boat rentals.

Kayangan Lake - Coron's Cleanest Lake

Dubbed as the cleanest lake of the Philippines for three consecutive years. This is the first attraction that welcomed us in Coron and I knew that it was one of Coron's treasure that shouldn't be missed. Before getting to the lake, A 75 meter upward trek is needed and another 75 meter downward trek. The top gives you a view like paradise - perfect for photo taking and a small cave without bats. The boat stays in what I call the "port of Kayangan Lake" unless the boat can trek too. Going back to the boat will need everyone to trek again. One upward and then downward thankfully - pretty much a good exercise I reckon.

All boats stop here
Upward trekking

View from the Top
Small Cave
Downward trekking to kayangan lake
kayangan lake

Kayangan Lake

leaving kayangan lake

  Kayangan Lake Tip:
  1. Make Kayangan Lake your first destination in the morning.
  2. If you are swimming, use a mask to appreciate the rocks under water.
  3. If you are coming during the wet season, have a spare shirt or any cover up to prevent cold while travelling on the boat.
How to get there: A boat ride to Kayangan Lake is needed. From Coron town, the boat travels about 25 minutes.

Snorkeling: Peek the Corals of Coron's Twin Peaks Reef

twin peaks reef coron island 
After about ten minutes of boat travel from Kayangan Lake is Twin Peaks Reef - a destination in Coron Island for snorkelling opportunities, situated somewhere between Kayangan Lake and Twin Lagoon. My tour mates jokingly call it "Multiple Peaks Reef" which Gera and I agreed because it has a backdrop of multiple stones.  

Here are photo clips of the Corals at Twin Peaks:

twin peaks reef corals 2

 twin peaks reef corals 3

For Coron first timers this is a good snorkelling introduction to see corals and the fishes hopping from one coral to another. We haven't snorkeled the boundaries of Twin Peaks but one of our tour mates - Yuan, a French national, expressed that the coralsgets even more beautiful when you go father. I say that it is even more beautiful if the weather cooperates.  

How to get there:

Twin Peaks Reef can only be reached via boat tours or boat rental.