Snorkeling: Peek the Corals of Coron's Twin Peaks Reef

twin peaks reef coron island 
After about ten minutes of boat travel from Kayangan Lake is Twin Peaks Reef - a destination in Coron Island for snorkelling opportunities, situated somewhere between Kayangan Lake and Twin Lagoon. My tour mates jokingly call it "Multiple Peaks Reef" which Gera and I agreed because it has a backdrop of multiple stones.  

Here are photo clips of the Corals at Twin Peaks:

twin peaks reef corals 2

 twin peaks reef corals 3

For Coron first timers this is a good snorkelling introduction to see corals and the fishes hopping from one coral to another. We haven't snorkeled the boundaries of Twin Peaks but one of our tour mates - Yuan, a French national, expressed that the coralsgets even more beautiful when you go father. I say that it is even more beautiful if the weather cooperates.  

How to get there:

Twin Peaks Reef can only be reached via boat tours or boat rental.

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