MECA-J Shuttle Van Schedule - Bacolod to Silay Airport Service

MECA-J Tours is one of the known shuttle service providers for trips from Bacolod to Silay International Airport. MECA-J has two pickup depots:

1. SM City - North Wing ( facing Manokan Country)
2. Araneta St. Singcang - located beside Phoenix Gas Station near Old Aiport

If you do wish to be picked-up from your hotel, just contact MECA-J in advance for arrangement. Would cost an additional fee. MECA-J Mobile Number is  (+63)918.928.2560

MECA-J Tours van service schedule: Bacolod to Silay Airport

4:20 AM1:00 PM
5:20 AM2:30 PM
6:20 AM 3:30 PM
8:00 AM 4:30 PM
10:00 AM 5:30 PM
11:45 AM

6:20 PM

Note: This schedule was taken from MECA-J website, on Aug 28,2014.

Two other options I know are BASIA Transport and G&C Shuttle. BASIA's main station is at Robinsons Place in Mandalagan. While G&C is situated in Lopuest East area.

Van trips from Bacolod to Silay airport should take an average of 30 minutes.

With MECA-J the fare is 100 per person. This is a better rate to taxis charging 500 pesos per trip. Nope taxis don't do metered trips for drop-offs at Silay Aiport. But if you do wish to have a more private and comfortable trip the taxi is your option. Try asking taxi driver to make it 450 and give em a puppy face - usually works :)

Please note that this post is written in Aug 2014.

My Last Experience with MECA-J

Since I live in the Southern side of the city, MECA-J's branch has been my option after I left my apartment in Mandalagan. I have used MECA-J's service for maybe 7 or 8 times.

took this photo at MECA-J located on Araneta st Singcang
I was disappointed in my latest attempt to use their service on Aug 17, 2014. I head directly to their branch at Araneta Street, just like I used.

They have this schedule posted prominently in front of their depot along Araneta St - one of the big streets in Bacolod. They have the 6:00AM schedule that I wanted to take which was just perfect for my morning trip.

Arrived at their station about 5:40AM which was just good enough for their supposed-to-be 6:00AM departure. So I got in there, only to be told that there is no 6AM trip, and that they will be departing 6:20AM. Any typical traveler would ask "Why?!" and all I got was "6:20AM trip lang. Wala na 6AM". I got curious & with hopes to get a better answer so I asked again, unfortunately I got the same response.


And I was like:

I didn't know if their sched was messed up or they were doing a new sched. Nobody explained really. It was my cue to get a taxi.

I left the station without any concern from them. A little sympathy perhaps? Or at least recommend something for me to take? I wasn't angry I was disappointed.

MECA-J have had years of being in this service and I wish they'd come up with a better way of handling travelers on situations like this.

It was only today that I have had a visit to their website to verify their schedule due to this post. I am happy to find that their website seem to show an updated schedule.

For schedules and trip arrangements, I would highly suggest that you get in touch with MECA-J Tours (+63)918.928.2560. 

Secure a worry-free travel by booking an earlier sched.

Take van trip that is 2 hours prior to your departure time

My other concern with MECA-J, as far as my previous trips were concerned, is with regards to their special pick-up service which could inevitably cause a bit of delay. At one instance, the guest who requested for pickup, was just checking out at the reception when the van arrived.
Another trip I had with them had to pick-up two passengers from 2 different hotels. MECA-J drivers will ask about your flight schedule and they'd hurry up a bit if the time seems tight for one passenger.

The reason why I have had several history with MECA-J is because their service used to be really prompt and friendly.  Please note that incidents in this post were my personal experience and that it should not represent the general passenger.

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