List of Beach Resorts in Laiya San Juan Batangas

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Laiya's beach area is located in San Juan Batangas, the stretch covers three barangays: Hugom, Laiya-Aplaya and Laiya-Ibabao. There are different types of accommodations and most of them require a set meal package. If you are just looking for a day trip package it will likely cost you P650 with a set of buffet lunch, a snack, entrance fee, and the use of the facilities in the area. We arrived after noon, so the day package with meals was no longer a good option for us. Laiya manifests calmness due to natural landscape surrounding it. But in summer and long holiday seasons, many families and groups of people come here making the atmosphere more fun.

List of Beach Resorts in Laiya San Juan Batangas

resorts in laiya san juan batangas
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Pipisik Beach Resort
Bo. Hugom Laiya
Contact numbers: 0949 184 9035
Website: None, go to Pipisik Facebook Page

Paseo Verde Beach Resort
Laiya Aplaya, San Juan Batangas
Contact: Tel no. 725 4994  Mobile numbers: 0916 433 2220 or 0919 422 7365
Website:‎ , or go to Paseo Verde Beach Resort Facebook Page

La Luz Beach Resort
Laiya, San Juan Batangas
Contact: Manila Tel Nos: +632 726-6687 or +632 726-4977 / Mobile numbers: 0927-993-8417 or  0916-394-4367
Website: / Email: 

Sabangan Beach Resort
Barangay. Laiya, San Juan Batangas
Contact: Telephone number: (02) 914-9640
Website: / Email:

Acuatico Beach Resort
Laiya, San Juan, Batangas
Contact: Telephone numbers: (+632) 892-7577 to 79 or (+632) 408-8383 / Mobile: 0927-680-7835 (Globe) or 0939-954-8463 (Smart)
Website: / Email: or go to Acuatico Beach Resort Facebook Page

Llamar Beach Resort
Laiya, San Juan, Batangas
Contact: Telephone number: (02) 751-9863 / Mobile: (0917) 813-7799 or (0917) 532-6775

Palm Beach Resort (La Frondosa)
Hugom, San Juan Batangas
Contact: Telephone numbers: +63 (2) 850-9544 or +63 (2) 836-8956 / Mobile: 0920-951-6051 or 0920-945-6215

Triple G Beach Resort
Laiya-Aplaya, San Juan Batangas
Contact: Mobile number: 0915-900-1570
Website: None, you can visit Triple G Beach Resort's Facebook Page

Virgin Beach Resort
Laiya, San Juan, Batangas
Contact: Telephone numbers: (+632)759-2020 or (+632)815-2584 / Mobile: 0917-813-1301
Website: / Email: or go to Virgin Beach Resort's Facebook Page

Paraiso De Miguel Beach Resort
Laiya, San Juan, Batangas
Contact: Telephone number: (+632)710-8581 / Mobile numbers: 0917-806-4497 or 0915-754-5330

Blue Coral Beach Resort
Laiya, San Juan, Batangas
Contact: Telephone numbers: (+632) 559-9747 or +632-567-4376
Website: / Email:

Kabayan Beach Resort (formerly Laplaya Beach Resort)
Laiya Aplaya, San Juan, Batangas
Contact: Telephone numbers:  (+632) 709-1470 or (+632) 709-0115 / Mobile: 0917-627-9357 (Amy) or 0917-896-3312 (Marlon) 
Website: / Email:

Laiya Coco Grove
Brgy. Laiya, Aplaya, San Juan, Batangas
Contact: Telephone numbers: (+632) 894-1057 or  (+632) 892-6009 / Mobile numbers: 0908-896-0776 (Site Office) or 0908-896-0774 (Makati Office)

Acuaverde Beach Resort
Laiya, San Juan, Batangas
Contact: Office telephone numbers: (+632) 381-7757 or (+632) 304-9901 / Office Mobile numbers: 0927-680-7839 (Globe)  or 0939-954-8464 (Smart). For weekend inquiries, you can contact the Resort through the following mobile numbers: 0916-405-7388 (globe) or 0928-854-3805 (smart)
Website: / Email: or visit Acuaverde Beach Resort's Facebook Page

Estrellas de Mendoza Playa Resort
Laiya Ibabao, San Juan, Batangas
Contact: Telephone number: (+632) 819-6050
Website: or visit Estrellas de Mendoza Playa Resort's Facebook Page

Accommodation in Hugom Laiya for travelers on a very tight budget

There is a local resident offering a couple of small rustic rooms (about a meter apart from their house) available for an overnight stay or day use ranging 400 - 800 pesos. This is the cheapest deal of accommodation that you can get in Hugom Beach, but of course not for the same quality. The room is made of kawayan with electric fan, situated seafront about 60 meters from the shore, just before La Luz Beach resort.

Some Tips about Hugom Beach:

The sand is not as white and as fine as Boracay, it eventually hurts if you walk bare feet. The water is okay - clean? yes. Most resorts have a very strict policy, only resort guests who are booked for day tour packages or overnight stays are allowed to swim and use beach/resort facilities.

How to get to Laiya San Juan Batangas

Laiya Batangas is accessible by public transportation and its around 2-3 hours travel time from Manila. From Cubao bus terminal we boarded the bus going to Lipa Batangas the fare is about 120.00 per head , then we transferred to a jeepney bound to San Juan that’s P35.00 per head, dropping us in front of the town City Hall, we rode another jeepney near the market heading to Laiya the fare is about P10.00 per head, advice the jeepney driver of your resort so they can properly assist you.


  1. Hi!

    Do you have any contact number for the "cheapest" rustic room accomodation you mentioned at the end of your post? Would very much like to ask for it, if you have. Thanks thanks!

  2. Hi there Irone. Oh no sorry, I was not able to get any of their contact info. I wish I can teleport right at this minute so I can get their number! As they were very friendly. I think you can even have them cook meals. But you know what if you are planning to stay around that area, I would suggest you stop by their place first to see if they have any room available. Their not that hard to find, just remember they come before you enter the property of La Luz. Thanks for stopping by our blog!

  3. nice to know this one is updated..thanx for the info..

  4. What can you say about la luz resort? Mabato po ba ang buhangin nila?

    1. Hi Nico thanks sa comment mo. Hindi ako nag check-in sa La Luz, pero I went there sa reception nila to ask for their service kasi sila yung nakita ko online na okay ang facilities. Hindi kami natuloy sa La Luz kasi hindi helpful yung receptionist na nakausap namin. Pero i-check mo ang tripadvisor for more reviews alam ko marami pumupunta sa La Luz. Yung buhangin, oo partly mabato. Check mo itong photo makita mo last year yan kinuha ng isang member sa tripadvisor.


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