Boat Rental Rates, Island Hopping in Hundred Islands National Park

Getting an island hopping tour to see the Hundred Islands National Park is super easy.  Thanks to the tourism of Alaminos City for having a great system in place. Cost of boat rental tours ranges from 800 pesos to 2,000 pesos. The rate includes the boat, and the tour guide or the bangkero. Choose to do a Regular Day Tour or A Day Tour Service. What's the difference?

Regular Day Tour - Island Hopping for 800 pesos up to 1,100 pesos

The day tour only allows you to visit the three popular islands: The Marcos Island, the Children's Island, & Quezon Island. This can be done in 2-4 hours.
The islands are not very from each other. Marcos Island is has a cave where you can jump off to the water. Children's island is popular to kid's because of the shallow depth of the sea, you can kayak here.

Day Tour Service- Island Hopping for 1,400 pesos up to 2,000 pesos

I would highly suggest this tour - taking you to all the major highlights of Hundred Islands. This is your option if you really want to explore Hundred Islands and if you want to spend some time snorkeling. This tour will take you to the coral gardens, Dugong Cave (if the tide & weather is fine), the three popular islands (Marcos, Quezon, and Children's Island), Governor's Island, the small Cathedral Cave, the viewing deck and more.

We've been to Hundred Islands twice, and we always get the boat/tour service of Kuya Victor, he's a shy type but he knows the best way to explore the island. You may want to check my post about him - recommended hundred islands tour guide.

If you're into snorkeling I took few photos.

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