Directions from IloIlo City to Alubihod Beach, Nueva Valencia Guimaras

From IloIlo City, take a ferry from Jordan Wharf.  

Service runs from 6AM till 10PM. Ferry ride will take about 20 minutes.
Fare is 14 pesos for trips within 6:00AM to 5:59PM. Night trips costs slightly higher, 17 pesos for trips beginning 6PM.
jordan wharf iloilo to guimaras

From Jordan Port in Gumaras to Raymens Beach Resort

Hire a Tricycle or a Multicab to drop you off at the entrance of Raymen's beach resort.
  • Tricycle hire will cost 250 pesos. Can accommodate maximum of 5 people. Trip will take about 45 minutes.
  • MultiCab hire will cost 450-500 pesos. Can accommodate maximum of 10 people.

nueva valencia guimaras tourist information booth

There is a tourist info booth when you arrive at the Guimaras port. The staff is friendly, ask them for any advice you would need in your tour.

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