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The trip: From Malapascua Island to Cebu City

We got to Malapascua Island from Bantayan. And here's the trip on how to get to Cebu coming from Malapascua Island.

From Malapascua Island, take a boat transfer to Maya

Ticket booth and waiting area.
The port of Malapascua is situated near the Kokay's Maldito Dive Resort, but you will have to pass through the Blue Corals beach Resort first.
The boat fare is 50 per person. It is a public boat, large and I would estimate that it can accommodate 30 passengers.
If the tide is low, you will have to ride the dinghy to take you to the big boat, this will cost you extra of 5 pesos person. I'm not certain if they have schedules, but I do know that they leave when the boat is full or at least about full.

List of Beach Resorts or Accommodations in Malapascua Island

Quick Tip: Rates may have changed, and vary according to availability and season. Always verify if there are additional payments before you commit to book.

Our list of 20 beach resort/accommodations in Malapascua Island

Most of the suggestions are seafront beach resorts. If you have any recommendations please feel free to contact us. Hope this helps you plan your trip.

Cocobana Beach Resort, Barangay Logon Daan Bantayan

Estimated rate starts from 900.00 to 3,000.00 pesos
Phone: (6332)318-6785 (Front Desk), (6332)406-6008 - Contact Person: Nora
Mobile: 0915-9200011 (Front Desk), 0917-3280029, 0917-3059293 -  Contact Person: Nora

Accepts Credit Card: Visa, Master Card
Note: For credit cards you have to pay a 5% extra charge.

Mangrove Oriental Resort, Malapascua Island

Estimated rate starts from 3,200.00 to 5,600.00 pesos
Mobile: 0926-4186264 / Contact Person: Ner Macazo
Mangrove Oriental Resort is 7 minutes walk or a short "habal-habal" motor bike ride from Bounty beach.