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Boat Rental Rates, Island Hopping in Hundred Islands National Park

Getting an island hopping tour to see the Hundred Islands National Park is super easy.  Thanks to the tourism of Alaminos City for having a great system in place. Cost of boat rental tours ranges from 800 pesos to 2,000 pesos. The rate includes the boat, and the tour guide or the bangkero. Choose to do a Regular Day Tour or A Day Tour Service. What's the difference?

Regular Day Tour - Island Hopping for 800 pesos up to 1,100 pesos

The day tour only allows you to visit the three popular islands: The Marcos Island, the Children's Island, & Quezon Island. This can be done in 2-4 hours.

Underwater Photos of Snorkeling in Hundred Islands Alaminos Pangasinan

Everytime I go on island hopping I ask for a snorkeling site.

Snorkeling in Hundred Islands National Park was definitely worth the trip and the day tour fee of course. I would like to commend Victor, our tour guide, he was wonderful! He took us to the coral garden in fact he snorkeled with us and I wish every boat guide was like him. I did wrote a post about him, if it interests you please read Recommended Boatman for Island Hopping in Hundred Islands.

Now the pictures of our snorkeling! It's not much but it's a glimpse of how it's like:
snorkeling in hundred islands alaminos

Recommended Boatman (Bangkero) or Tour Guide - Hundred Islands Alaminos

Alaminos' Hundred Islands is sooo Beautiful that you deserve the nicest Tour Guide

The tourist center of 100-islands made it pretty easy for tourists to take guided tours. I wish island tours where as systematic as theirs. When you arrive at the wharf you'd simply (1) Select the Tour, (2) Pay for the Tour and (3) They assign you a boat includes your boatman who is at the same time your tour guide.

I was so delighted  to have met our bangkero who's name is Victor. Reason why I had to create this post just for him.

hundred islands alaminos

Just so you know you the Tourist Information Center offers the following tour options:
  • Day Tour
  • Service Boat (renting boat privately)
  • An Overnight Stay in the Hundred Islands, including a Day Tour