Underwater Photos of Snorkeling in Hundred Islands Alaminos Pangasinan

Everytime I go on island hopping I ask for a snorkeling site.

Snorkeling in Hundred Islands National Park was definitely worth the trip and the day tour fee of course. I would like to commend Victor, our tour guide, he was wonderful! He took us to the coral garden in fact he snorkeled with us and I wish every boat guide was like him. I did wrote a post about him, if it interests you please read Recommended Boatman for Island Hopping in Hundred Islands.

Now the pictures of our snorkeling! It's not much but it's a glimpse of how it's like:
snorkeling in hundred islands alaminos

To me, the highlights of our snorkeling was seeing the giant clam shells. Victor said that they are being cultured. I think there's more or less 100 clam shells. You can call it a garden of clam shells.

My second visit to Hundred Islands was in June 2014. The clam shells still look pretty good but some parts of the coral garden are dying, which is a sad thing really.

photo of corals in hundred islands pangasinan

snorkeling in hundred islands national park

After jumping off the boat, there's hundreds of those fishes above, they were like 12-15 inches long. There were sea snakes too, I stalked the one that was about 2-meters long but no success, can't swim as swift as the sea snake. 
corals in hundred islands

Going to 100 Islands soon? Have fun! You may want to check the boat rental rates for island hopping.


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