Pamilacan Island near Baclayon Bohol - 2 days and 1 night at Nita's Nipa Hut

Pamilacan Island is one hour boat ride from Baclayon Bohol, it is a small style destination, relaxed atmosphere and peaceful. It has a snorkeling site with healthy corals and fishes you can feed. The beach is white.

Other things you can do, is to get a Dolphin Watching Tour and visit Balicasag Island (1 hour away from Pamilacan.

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How to Get to Pamilacan Island

Coming from Bohol district, hire a tricycle to take you to Baclayon Wharf. Wharf is across the Baclayon public market, and 5 minutes walk from Baclayon Church. Trip is 15- 20 minutes.

In Bohol, we stayed in Taver's Inn, walking distance from Bohol's BQ Mall. The driver wanted 100 for the three of us but it was actually over priced, we settled the payment for 60 pesos (3 people). 

From Baclayon Wharf take the pumpboat to Pamilacan, arrange your boat transfer with your accommodation provider, in our case we took the package of Nita's Nipa Hut. Boat trip is about 1 hour. The boat transfer was arranged together with our Nipa accommodation, and the deal for the boat transfer was 800 pesos one way or 1,600 pesos roundtrip as agreed upon phone conversation.

We encountered a little problem:  We were about half way when the boat's gas tank broke, luckily one of our boatmen had a phone to call for rescue. So in our case, it took us about 1 hour and 40 minutes.

Beachelor Tip: 

Before you hire the tricycle in Bohol, ask the driver if he really knows the way to Baclayon Wharf. Our driver didn't exactly know where the wharf  is. He had to make few stops upon entering Baclayon to ask for directions from fellow locals. If your driver really knows the way, the trip can last for 15 minutes. You will be driving through the Tagbilaran East Road, which I think is a major highway of Bohol.

Snorkeling in Pamilacan Island - 200 pesos per person

snorkeling in pamilacan island bohol
We were advised by "Weng" that snorkeling is very available in the shore, as the corals are just there he added. I was happy to hear about it, BUT when we got there and took their package of course...I was ready to snorkel and I asked for the best location, only then he said that we have to pay 200 per person for the permit as required by the Barangay and a guide will TAKE US to the snorkeling site as the shore was nothing but full of sea grass. Weng seemed to be an educated man. I wish he's just fairly honest to every guest.

The snorkeling site is about 100 meters from the Watch Tower.

pamilacan island coral garden

The snorkeling site was nice, but it was better at Balicasag Island where we had several encounters with sea turtles... or maybe we were just lucky.

Where We Stayed - Our Accommodation at Pamilacan

The lodging was 700 pesos per person that includes 3 sets of meals. Food! The food was great and always on time at Nita's Nipa Hut.

Toilet attached to the room

We were facilitated by the guy named "Weng" but when we finally settled our payments, there was a little problem with the bill, reflected 2,000 pesos instead of 1600 pesos for the boat transfer, we insisted and tried to recall the deal he promised via phone conversation but it was no use.
Room in 2nd floor. Nita's Nipa Hut

There is no supply of freshwater in Pamilacan Island, they transport water from Bohol. I am not sure if this works similar to the other facilities in Pamilacan but at Nita's Nipa Hut we are only given 2 water containers to be shared for three.

We did not use the 2nd floor at all, because the foam and the pillows had certain unpleasant smell. I think the smell can be minimized if you lay them out under the sun. It was dusty also, if we had to do some cleaning it will only flux dust downstairs the room downstairs.

Because I was exhausted, I slept at about 9PM my mates were having trouble because it was hot, so hot that we had to open the door and the window, welcoming not just a little air but mosquitoes too. There is one ceiling fan, but it wasn't the perfect fan for its role. The temperature reminded me of Balicasag Island (30 minutes boat ride from Panglao or 1 hour from Pamilacan).

Beachelor Tips:

  1. Bring mosquito repellent, I'd put that first.
  2. Pamilacan as said upfront is a native-style island. People sleep early and there's nothing much to keep yourself busy except swimming, snorkeling, dolphin watching tour and walking uphill to discover the laid back life of the residents.
  3. If you are a party bummer, oh my goodness - you may need a booze to aid you in taking an early sleep.
  4. If possible, have a text confirmation of the deal or prices you agreed for this trip such as food, accommodation, boat transfer yeah and even water consumption for bathing.

Electricity is Limited in Pamilacan Island

Electricity in the Island runs at approximately 6PM till about 12 midnight.
Charge your gadgets during the power hours.

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