Baclayon Wharf in Bohol - Wharf to Pamilacan Island

post at baclayon wharf in tagbilaran

This is the wharf where you leave for Pamilacan Island

From our hostel in Taver's Pension House located in Bohol, we hired a tricycle to take us to the wharf the fare would generally be 60-70 pesos since there were three of us.

We have reached the wharf early, I mean we had to be at the Wharf by 6AM. 

baclayon wharf in tagbilaran
baclayon wharf in tagbilaran

brief history of baclayon wharf

We are the kind of people who think that coffee is like a "cherry on top", so just before hitting the boat, went to the market just across the street, asked were we can drink coffee... hoping to find a native, but no there was only instant coffee.

We left the market with bananas and mangoes.

Our pretty coffee cups:

You may also consider visiting Baclayon Church, it's just 5-10 minutes walk from the wharf and the market.

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