Laoag City Church and the Sinking Bell Tower

This was a day before my birthday which I consider to be a lucky day. The door to the tower is locked and no longer open for public viewing. Coincidentally four men arrived, carrying sets of Christmas bulbs on their hands... they unlocked the door and saw us taking photos of the Bell Tower they smiled and invited us to get inside. They work for the city and they were in schedule for installing Christmas bulbs on the ledge of the tower. 

The stairs was so narrow that you have to walk one after the other. And it was too dark fair, I felt I was inside a tunnel (only with stairs). The rooftop offers a birds eyeview of Laoag. After Bell Tower we went to St. William Church, thats about 30m away from the Bell Tower.

laoag city church and bell tower
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Church of Laoag

Where to find the Bell Tower and Laoag Church

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