Accidentally In Love with Coron Palawan - A First Timer's Experience in 2010

Off we went to Coron, watch out for the scenic view when you are about to land on Coron's Airport, the view is more than what the word "beautiful" can describe.

We stayed at SeaDive, its one of the preferred accommodation in Coron. Electricity was an issue, its goes on and off atleast 7 times a day. Seadive had a generator so I'd recommend it if you really heavily on your electronics. The first attraction we saw in Coron was the Kayangan Lake, I've seen it online but let me tell you its even more gorgeous when you get there.
Kayangan Lake

Atwayan Beach Coron Palawan. We had lunch here.

Calumbuyan Island Coral Garden. Can be reach 2 hours away by boat.

Stairs to Mt. Tapyas Coron
Mt Tapyas Cross
Apart from the tour and experience, we will never want to fail when it comes to food. Because Gera and I were dreaming of a seafood feast, we went to Coron's public market and bought squids and fish. We had them grilled inside the market too. I approached the lady selling grilled hotdogs, pork bbq, chorizo and a couple more varieties, to grill our squid and fish for a fee. She agreed and charged said that she'll charged us P5 for both of our squids and fish. But of course we paid way more than that. She had to do the cleaning also.
Grilled Squid in progress

Maquinit Hot Springs Coron Palawan

Twin Peaks Reef
Twin Peaks Reef is another snorkeling site, there are fish to see but Coron strictly prohibit feeding them so don't mind bringing your bread, have them for yourself instead.

As first timers of Coron, on a budget and without having enough knowledge of tours offered...It was difficult to compare tours, which tour is worth the money and my interest? So for travelers like us, I've prepared videos to help you plan your Coron escapade. 

This is our video snorkeling Lusong Coral Gardens

 And this is our video Snorkeling Lusong Gunboat Wreck

The night before leaving Coron we tried B.O.G Coffee about 10 mins walk from Sea Dive. BOG means Blessing of God. Despite our late arrival, the staff accommodated us although we were unable to stay longer than an hour. She advised us kindly that she will be reporting early the next day to their BOG Airport branch. She was nice, I mean really nice. I love the tables at B.O.G also.

BOG Coffee Shop
Despite this active tourist destination, the airport is small and probably the least innovative airport we have been to. From the airport entrance the line was long and the only option is to stand while waiting for the line because the officers are to manually check all the baggage, Then upon checking in, baggage had to be scaled but not digitally.

At least 30 minutes has been consumed before you could finally check in. Coron Airport terminal fee, which I was happy to see is only P20.
Coron Terminal Fee

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