Cafe Bob's Grilled Ham and Cheese

If it's a coffee shop in Bacolod City, its gotta be Bob's! Never is there a week when Gera and I miss hanging out for snack at the Bob's Cafe SM North. If we do, we are not in town. Other Bob's branches are at 21st Lacson St, Gaisano City Mall and North Drive. I do appreciate Starbucks at 18th Lacson St. Often Bob's is the most convenient place for my routine and the most variety of food to choose. My what I call all-time-favorites at Bobs are Fettucine Ham and Cram, Deluxe Burger, Pavlova, Cassava Cake and this Grilled Ham and Cheese. You'll never go wrong with it, whether I get a frappe or a brewed it makes a good match. Both serving of ham and cheese are moderate (which is just perfect).

Enjoy best with coffee :)

Where to find Bob's Lacson

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