Sugar Beach in Sipalay City: A Beach Not So White

How to get to Sugar Beach (Sipalay) from Bacolod City

From Bacolod City South Bus Terminal, take the bus on a route to Hinobaan and get off at Brgy. Nauhang - the trip is approximately 4 hours. You'll need a tricycle ride after getting off at Brgy Nauhang the fare would be approximately 40 pesos to hire the tricycle
and take you to the river where you'll get on a paddle boat to bring you to sugar beach. The trip is quite a process but manageable.

After about 2 hours of landtrip from Bacolod City, the Ceres Bus takes a quick stop over at Kabankalan City. This is your chance to get access to comfort room :)

You should be dropping off at Brgy. Gil Montilla and take tricycle from here to the river.

People of Brgy Nauhang. On our way to the river. Riding the tricycle. 

You'll need a short boat ride to reach sugar beach. I volunteered to paddle the boat, there was only me, Gera and 2 kids whose family owns the boat we used. You can pay your boat man/woman maybe atleast P5. Locals riding the boat were throwing 1 peso onto the boatman's boat.

We knew that the river can be crossed during the lowest tide, the boat ride is less than 100 meters long and the water level was more likely on my waist level. Water was very calm.

Bermuda Beach Resort has their own boat to service their guests but they said that they're boat was under maintenance during the time of our visit. Please ask them about their boat service if you are checking-in with Bermuda Beach Resort. See their contact details on the bottom of this article.

 We stayed at Bermuda Beach Resort, great food, clean rooms and I loved the wine.. and the dogs too. This is the only beach resort in Negros Occidental where we had to remove slippers before stepping into the dining area / restaurant.

View of sugar beach quarter to 6pm.

Where on the map is Sugar Beach?

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Accommodations / Where to Stay at Sugar Beach, Sipalay: 

Bermuda Beach Resort

Contact: +63 919-5913805   or   +63 920-5292582
Price Range: 950 - 1,950

Driftwood Village Resort

Contact: 09202529474

Takatuka Lodge and Dive Resort

Contact: +63920-230-9174

Takatuka Lodge and Dive Resort was renovating during our visit, I knew that their accommodation facility was so unique, as seen on their website. I was only able to take a shot of their entrance, which already implies how unique their facility could be.

Fiesta Cove

Sugar Beach , Brgy. Nauhang, Sipalay City
Contact: 09186896075 

Langub Beach Resort

Contact: 09185738952

Sulu Sunset Beach Resort

Sugar Beach , Brgy. Nauhang, Sipalay City
Contact: 09197167182

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