Scenes of IloIlo Dinagyang 2011 - Before the Street Dance Competition

We arrived early (which was a good thing) to witness the competition, the Street Dance competition. This dance is performed after their Main Perfomance, both performances are critiqued. If you want to witness the main performance, you will have to buy a ticket / a Dinagyang Pass where you will be sitting on bleachers but you will no longer see the Street Dance. The street dance is free and open. 

iloilo dinagyang festival
A batch of performers preparing for the competition.

giant eagle - iloilo dinagyang festival
Be careful with the eggs.
iloilo dinagyang festival 2011

iloilo dinagyang festival 2011

iloilo dinagyang festival 2011 parade

iloilo dinagyang festival 2011 parade

iloilo dinagyang festival 2011 GMA network parade
GMA a network station, seems to be popular in IloIlo City.
iloilo dinagyang festival 2011 parade Sto Nino
Dinagyang festival is to honor the Santo Niño.

Now, the mascot below is not Coco Crunch, that is the mascot of the Dinagyang Festival. Too bad he is facing the other side. Hey! over here!

iloilo dinagyang festival 2011 parade dinagyang mascot

The Dinagyang is a religious and cultural festival in Iloilo City. The Festival is held on the fourth Sunday of JanuaryDinagyang began in November 1967  after Rev. Fr. Ambrosio Galindez of a local Roman Catholic parish introduced the devotion to Santo Niño.

Planning to witness the next Dinagyang Street Dance Competition? Here, are few tips I know useful:

1. You gotta have sun protectors a cap, a sunglass or a scarf, it was extremely hot so you have to have somethin' to keep you going under the sun. 

2. Wake up early and get your ass on the street. Especially if you wish to take photos you have to get your plot, ask the police or the organizers for the best spot to take. As you can see on the image, it is really crowded on where we are standing.

3. Bring a backpack, not a sling bag or a shoulder bag, why? This is one way to avoid pickpocketing coz backpacks can be carried towards the front comfortably. Sling bags and shoulders bags are pickpocketers' favorite. Other than that, you will need a bag to store your water, your hanky, and everything essential.
4. Cash ofcourse! I won't need to explain this.

5. Bring water and snack.  There'll be too many vendors on the street to buy mineral waters from, so cash is still your king. But, if you are on a tight budget purchasing from grocery stores beforehand will save you more money.

5. Not used to walking? Well too bad coz you will have to, you won't have easy access to taxis and jeepneys because major roads will be closed. If you are not used to long walking and standing, exercise your feet first before attending the event.

6. Disregard tip#5 if you have a ticket or dinagyang pass because you will be sitting on the bleachers to witness the competition, the Street Dance is performed when the performers exit the main competition area.

7. Don't forget to take pictures with the dancers! You can tip them but not required.

You think I missed a great tip? Let us know. Or use the comments form below.

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