Moalboal Backpacker Lodge in Moalboal Cebu

After researching online on whats best and where to stay near Panagsama beach, I ended up booking with Moalboal Backpackers Lodge. I communicated our reservations via email and it was nice and response was quick. I was booking our stay on an off peak season, so our reservation is coonfirmed without any ado.

moalboal backpacker lodge reception

moalboal backpacker lodge in panagsama beach

***Photos above were taken while we were waiting for our reservations to be verified.

Our travel was great, the flight was on time and it was easy for us to find transportation to Moalboal. However, we weren't able to stay in this hostel for unfortunate reasons.

All the resorts and accommodations in Panagsama Beach are just tied together, we easily spotted Moalboal Backpacker through our tricycle driver.

We rang the bell on the reception to call for attention, then I got a somewhat 10-year old girl who welcomed us so we said we are booked for a stay here and she asked us to wait and she left for a couple of minutes to call somebody else... then we got a lady about mid 30s who went into the reception area and so I started delivering the usual introduction (with a smile). Introduced our names and that we have made prior reservations over the email and we are planning to stay for atleast two nights....Nevertheless I did not see the eagerness or the warm Filipino welcome (honestly). Eventhough we were the only guest for that day. The lady asked several questions... Who we are again.. When did we arrange the reservation.. Who we made it with.. I already felt like quitting and move to another business so we can rest. She made a call I could't hear nor understand.. she went upstairs and I had no idea if she was coming back to us. She went back to us and ask as questions about the reservations again. Honestly this was the longest ever that I've waited on the reception area 40 mins on off peak season without any clue why we are suddenly being left and why we are being ask too many questions for a confirmed reservation. After 30 mins or so she went back to us and confirmed that we indeed made a reservation (thankfully!) and added that it was a direct reservation. Other than that, she strongly said:

 "Kung hindi pala kayo natuloy dito eh ako pala ang magbabayad ng ni-reserve niyo."

Translating it in English means:

"If you are not able to stay with us, I would've been liable for paying the reservation you made"

I was stunned! After a long trip and the long waiting on the reception that's what we got. So stunned that we were not able to react. All we wanted was to rest after a long trip. She went back upstairs for 10 mins or so and again we have no clue why we are being left suddenly.

A local guy standing right outside the facility uttered that foreigners are most welcome in Moalboal Backpackers.. I'm the type of person who love opinions and tips from locals. "Why?" I replied. "Foreigners have a lot of money to spend than Filipinos" he answered. I thought it was pretty much a straightforward answer.

How true is that? I don't know. Moalboal Backpacker Lodge is probably the cheapest hostel in Moalboal Beach. I've read a lot of comments that the rooms are clean, which was rather our main concern and the fact that we are budget travelers. Meanwhile, if we can pay for our airfare, how much more for a better service.

She came back to us with the 10-year old girl after about 10 mins, and she said that the room is ready we can now climb upstairs.

Obviously I had plenty of time to think of transferring to another business, but I was rather being patient and polite. When she finally came back, I told her sorry we'll just look for another place to stay. I politely explained and we went off without looking back. We ended staying in White Beach which was 15 mins away by tricycle.

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Address: Moalboal Backpacker Lodge Panagsama Beach, Basdiot Moalboal Cebu 6032 Philippines

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If you want to stay with Moalboal Backpacker Lodge, here is a direction:

Coming from Cebu Airport, take a taxi to South Bus Terminal, the fare is about 200 pesos. If you are coming from the Pier, the taxi will cost about 80-100 pesos. Upon reaching the South Bus Terminal, board the Bus plying to Moalboal the fare is 111 pesos in an airconditioned Ceres bus, you will be dropping off at the Moalboal market. The bus trip is about 2 hours, which won't be too scenic.

Moalboal Backpacker Lodge Contact Information:

Mobile Number: +63 905 227 8096
Mobile Number: +63 908 607 6240
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  1. Unfortunately, people from Moalboal are known for that kind of mentality (sad but true.) But if you stayed with us we will treat you like a princess :)

  2. Hi Chris of SeaBreeze Cottages. Thanks for dropping by. Uh it was crazy, we were the only guest for that day but the receptionist was never keen. Oh well! It happens.

    If we are visiting Moalboal again we'd be happy to stay at your facility. Big thanks mate! I hope you don't forget us. LOL


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