What to expect in White Beach - Moalboal, Cebu

White Beach in Moalboal isn't your first class beach. This is your entry point to Pescador Island, where you can go for snorkeling and diving.
White Beach Moalboal is a public beach and it is flocked with locals especially on Weekdays. Some groups would spend their team building here. Beach huts are for rent.

If you wish to do snorkeling or diving go to Pescador Island, its more accessible from Panagsama Beach. From White Beach you will have to take 15-minute tricycle ride to Panagsama Beach. The area of Panagsama beach is bombarded with accommodations. If you're into diving it's easy to find a dive shop. There's lots of them there.

2 star and maybe 3 star accommodations are available in White Beach Moalboal, even below-basic accommodations are available but not recommended because the price is not below basic - you'll be paying around 500-800 pesos depending on how desperate you need them. One of this below basic accommodation gets you a nipa or wooden bed with, 2 flat pillows, a fan, a toilet that needs repair and safety would be an issue because you can't lock your doors as what you expect in a hotel. You'll literally get a lock and a key, not a doorknob (I don't know if this has changed since October 2011). This kind of accommodations exist in White Beach because decent rooms aren't adequate during the peak season.

There is a pile of good accommodations that start from 800 which would be a wiser choice for value and safety reasons. Some seafront accommodations are seafront indeed but you can't use the front area for swimming.

There ain't so much to see around White Beach. No parties on the shore or fire dancing. We had a peaceful night. You will find local residents in some parts of the shore, they don't really stay late, the restaurant they would call it, closed at about 7PM. But maybe in summer they stay later than that.
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