Ikabud Restaurant at SM Olongapo

From Manila by Victory Liner bus we left at 2pm and arrived in Olongapo at 6:10 in the evening. Left our luggage in the hotel and headed straight to SM Olongapo where we spotted Ikabud Restaurant on the second floor right beside the escalator. 

Seafood Chopsuey of Ikabud restaurant
Seafood Chopsuey

Ordered seafood chopsuey, great serving, fresh vegetables, but squid was quite raw.

view of Ikabud restaurant at SM Olongapo
The view of the restaurant from our seat.

Mango Shake of Ikabud restaurant
Mango Shake
Taste was too sweet, the taste of an over riped mango. I order for this because I couldn't find a Thirsty store, where I would usually get a mango-apple shake.

SM Olongapo opens at 10 AM and closes 9 PM.

Where to find SM Olongapo on Google Maps

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How was your experience with Ikabud Restaurant at SM Olongapo?

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