Trip to Vito Church in Sagay City

Most people I know simply call it "Vito Church" where the miraculous icon of St. Vincent Ferrer is enshrined. And so it is formally known as San Vicente Ferrer Church.  Located in Sagay City, province of Negros Occidental. Devotees flock the church every Friday and it is very crowded especially on a First Friday mass.

vito church - san vicente ferrer church

It is believed that the church grant prayers and wishes

I can't tell how true it is but anyone I know who speaks about Vito Church say the same thing.

upward shot - standing in front of vito churchI have visited this church, twice, both on a First Friday mass of Dec 2012 and Dec 2013. This church was introduced to us by my very trusted and religious friend Shiela, suggesting that we can pray in this church for the healing of a dear friend suffering from a very chronic disease... long story! Part of the reason why I have decided to write about this is because I have witnessed the crowd, not in bad way, to me it was the type of crowd filled with so much faith. Suddenly reminds me Obando Church, less the dancing.

How to Get to Vito Church from Bacolod City

I live in Bacolod City so I didn't struggle in knowing how to get here. If you're a tourist, you will still find it pretty easy.

Go to the Ceres North Bus Terminal
Take the bus plying to Escalante
Inform the Conductor to drop you off at Crossing Vito. The bus ride is about 2 hours.
From Crossing Vito you will instantly spot the tricycles, the only transportation that can take you to the church. The fare is P15 each, trip would be about 15 mins.

See what you can bring home

I think Friday is at the same time the market day of the barangay, I'm not certain. Right outside the church you will find bangketas or stalls selling souvenirs, dried fish, fruits, seafoods, etc. You will also find mini sari-sari stores in case you need something. At the same time I think some of them have developed this due to the rising number of tourists visiting. 

I got really interested about the charms or pampaswerte. There were a variety of small bottles containing oil, some pieces of wood or roots. Each is made for a specific purpose or charm it is. I believe there was one for love, for business, for safety, health and more. I got one for luck in business.

Tips for you to Consider

On our first visit the weather was great, so no problem. 
Second visit, it rained! All tricycles had to be full before it leaves the terminal at Crossing Vito. We got the seat behind the driver, where three pasengers must accommodate. And we reach the church with our feet all wet. =/

If you want to sit comfortably you can pay for the vacant seat(s), same if you request the driver to leave before the trike is full. In some cases the driver would ask if it is okay for all passengers to share the cost of the vacant seats so he can take off - if everyone agrees good, if not.. everybody has to wait.

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