Puka Shell Beach in Boracay Island - What I love About

I know it's quite not right to prefer Puka Beach over Boracay's main beach because the latter is a lavish. Puka Beach is the humble type and rather small, in fact it doesn't offer any accommodation YET!

Things I love About Puka Shell Beach:

  • It's not that crowded. You can have your own slice of the beach.
  • The setting is almost secluded
  • It's a white sand beach, less tall buildings (at the moment there isn't any building)
  • I think the sunset here is more romantic
  • You can get a handful of shiny pebbles in one scoop
  • The tide is always just right
  • You can find snorkeling spots at about 60 or 70 meters from the shore
  • Lovely girls visit the place too

Only thing I hate bout it was the price of the fresh buko! It was sold for 100 pesos. It's average price is 20 or 25pesos, or about 50-70 pesos in restaurants.

I asked the guy-selling-buko, why so expensive?
He admitted that his buko was REALLY expensive. And the reason he said, is that they have to transport by boat the bukos from somewhere(I forgot the name of the place).
I asked again, "what about the coconut trees behind?"
He said, the trees there already belong to the lot purchased by San Miguel and the place is being guarded.

But for the record, it was really nice to have a sip of fresh buko before you leave the site... especially when the heat is scourging, or when it is about sunset.

How to Get Here:

By Sea: You can get to Puka Shell Beach by boat tours along with other islands. The guys charge from P700 pesos and may probably cost 1000 pesos on peak seasons.

By Land: Directions to Puka Shell Beach from Station1, Station2 or Station3

Find your way to the highway and catch a tricycle. Asked the driver if he is servicing to Puka Beach (most of the time they do). The fare for each person from station 1 was 40pesos.

Returning to your resort from Puka Shell Beach

There are tricycles lining up before the beach entrance. This time you have to rent them and the fee would be 150 pesos per vehicle. That was dropping as off in Station1 near the grocery store. If you want to be dropped off at Station 3 they may have to charge more.

I hope you also enjoy Puka Shell Beach on your visit!

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