Ave Maria Island: Guimaras Island Hopping

From Alubihod Beach, Ave Maria Island is the first destination of the Guimaras island hopping tour. The boat ride from Alubihod Beach is about 15 minutes of pleasant sail.

Ave Maria Island Guimaras
The first half of Ave Maria Island

Ave Maria Island Guimaras Island Hopping

Ave Maria Island is small, and other than swimming there is nothing else to do there. BUT! It is a better swimming spot than Alubihod Beach.

Our next island hopping destination was the Turtle Island, which happens to be just across Ave Maria Island. Ideally the boat will transfer you to Turtle Island, but we chose to snorkel towards the island from Ave Maria it is just less than 100 meters away. Our boat followed us to the Turtle Island after a few minutes.

Snorkeling in Guimaras isn't actually pleasant, corals are not abundant and the type of corals aren't diverse so you'll get bored after maybe 5 minutes of snorkeling. But since we were already there and it was the only tour in Alubihod - so we tried it.

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